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About Me

Hi! You want to ask me why I chose pseudonym Josephine? It's very simply. Do you remember the serial "La Femme Nikita"? And you remember what the voice said when telephone was calling? Right! The voice in telephone receiver said: "Josephine!". What is "Josephine"? At first sight this is just password. But maybe this voice for Nikita was something more, connection between past and future, borderland between life and death? Maybe it was the way to another world...

I don't know. But I know my inner voice is calling me in the magic world of photography. This world is lovely and various, but unfortunately it isn't always kind and fair. Therefore sometimes I want to create my own world, fantastic world, world without sufferings and anger, without envy and lie. I want that my world would be full of beauty and dreams, cleanness and love.

And I invite you in this world to find and feel harmony inside yourself...



 My interviews you can read at folowing blogs:


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