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Josephine to John Smolinski, 01.27.2014
Dear John, thank you very much for your kind comment. About purchase of photo, my answer in e-mail.
John Smolinski, 01.18.2014
Your work touches my soul and heart! Contact makes me weep with Joy. Are prints available for purchase?
Josephine to Ish Wheeler, 09.30.2013
Dear Ish, I am so sorry about your father. I took a picture with this man in Yalta, Ukraine. It was in 2005 or 2006.
Ish Wheeler, 09.25.2013
Hi - may I ask where did you take the original image used to make Contact? I ask because the subject is an absolute doppelganger for my late father. It is a fantastic picture and my family would love to know if it really is him. We are all now staring at it with fond memories :) Many thanks (and great work) Ish
Josephine to James Markus, 05.08.2013
Dear James, thank you very much!
James Markus, 04.28.2013
Josephine, I have this image marked as a favorite on photo.net. http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=7148604 Imagine my surprise to see its copyright being infringed here https://www.facebook.com/TheSacred.Journey.Of.The.Soul2 I just thought you should know. Jim
William Hogg (comment from photo.net), 03.16.2013
Josephine, what a lovely and creative skill you have. Your portfolio is superb and you are in my favorites folder.
Josephine to Carol Mast-Ingle, 11.29.2012
Dear Carol, thank you very much for your heartwarming words. You can use my photos and also see my some works on this site in larger size: http://www.photodom.com/member/josephine Good luck for you and your family!
Carol Mast-Ingle, 11.28.2012
Greetings Josephine ! Thanks for the priviledge of letting us see your great art of photography... My daughter inlaw who is married to my son in Oz... she is a most dedicated photographer... ! and has basically taught herself.. and I would love her to see your photos.. So is it ok to give her your site address... do you not have a gallery on face book? Thank you ! Carol Mast-Ingle of Durban South Africa.
Josephine to Peter Montanti, 11.07.2012
Dear Peter, thank you very much for your comment! It is an honor to hear good words from professional photographer. I visited your site and really enjoyed it. Thank you again and good luck!
Peter Montanti, 10.31.2012
Iryna, youre still creating amazing images. Thats great to see and expected from someone with your vision and talent. Im sharing your website on Facebook for my friends to discover your work. Best to you!
Josephine to Marcio, 09.12.2012
Dear Marcio, thank you very much for your kind words about my images. About using my photos, my answer in letter. Inspiration and good luck!
Marcio, 09.09.2012
Hi, Josephine, im from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and i have to say that your work inspired me in many ways that i cannot describe. Im a musician and, as an artist, I love to browse for pictures and images, online and offline, to inspire my work as a lyricist and as a musician in general. I love the art of photography, and I really appreciated your work. Congratulations!! Can you answer just one question, please? How do you handle when people ask you to use your pictures on the internet, like on websites, for example? Do you just ask for credits, or people have to pay you? Sorry for this beginners question, but this came to my mind :) Have a great week!!
John Loewenstein (comment from photo.net), 05.08.2012
Greetings, Josephine: Finally, someone who is expressing their original vision ! (Although everyone sees the world differently, so few are, for their various reasons, unable to express it in form.) SO: I applaud you, and thank you very much for sharing your creative self. Some images feel a bit overly staged? Hmmm, I wonder if thats the word I want. Forced? But, thats minor compared to the beauty of your original vision. You might well enjoy looking into the work of Wynne Bullock, Vilem Kriz, Josef Sudek, Jerry Uelsmann, and my teacher, Oliver Gagliani...Ive been practicing this Fine Art for many years, in film until this past year. I recently invested in the Sony R1, so its quite a pleasure to see such fine work produced with same. Ya Ta Hey ! John Loewenstein, Clarkdale, Az.
Anis Jiwani (comment from photo.net), 05.02.2012
I paid a visit to your web page here and was impressed. I came back to see what you did in those six years, I was pleased. One thing that is most striking about your images and what sets you apart from the run of the mill photographer is that you KNOW how to tame light to your advantage, your pictures are a work of art, you truly know how to paint with light.

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