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António Marques, 10.05.2009
Hi Irina. Beautiful works. I am fascinated. Congratulations darling. Please visit: http://sites.google.com/site/amarquesphotography/home
Josephine to Dave Nelson, 09.22.2009
Thank you, Dave, very much for your opinion!
Dave Nelson, 09.20.2009
When I first saw your work on a webpage I thought it a bit strange, but after going to your website I find your work quite mysterious, eccentric, beautiful and a lot more adjectives of the pleasant.
Josephine to Eric, 09.18.2009
Eric, thank you very much!
Eric, 09.15.2009
Bonjour Josephine, photographic work of very good quality and strong images! Congratulations Eric http://www.ricphotography.fr/
Josephine to Yohti Thomson, 09.13.2009
Dear Yohti, thank you very much for your warm words about my images. I will be glad to see you on my website again! And good luck!
Yohti Thomson, 09.11.2009
I do not know how you do but you have brought these images of people to life... These images go past standard photography. What an amazing gift you have. I will now be one of your fans and follow your work and tell everyone I know about your website...I am a photographer too, but nothing like what you produce... I wish I had your talent... My site is http://www.yohti.com.au
Josephine to AMIT KHANNA, 09.08.2009
Thank you very much for your warm words!
AMIT KHANNA, 09.07.2009
Beautifull! Never seen a website like this, keep it up. You are doing great job.
Josephine to luisa, 09.02.2009
luisa , 09.01.2009
esprimere complimenti č poco...stupendamente... stupende...... un saluto.....grata per le emozioni vissute... lu
Josephine to ernie miranda, 08.29.2009
Thank you very much!
ernie miranda, 08.28.2009
wonderful,very interesting
Josephine to nitin sharma, 08.26.2009
Thank you very much!
nitin sharma, 08.23.2009
great job dear ...............nice one..

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