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photo calibrate bar
George Nowosad (comment from photo.net), 08.13.2009
Beautiful portfolio!!! You have wonderful artistic vision in your work and it is a real pleasure to view. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.
Kalliope, 08.08.2009
thanks ... I appreciate it! I find in literature a refuge, a part of me that I can only speak with pen on paper ... have a nice day
Josephine to Kalliope, 07.30.2009
I write too, novels and screenplaies...:0) Of course, I do. You can put a logo to your blog.
Kalliope, 07.29.2009
I write poems, pictures are a Hobby. Do you give permission to put a logo with your link on my blog? thanks
Josephine to Kalliope, 07.20.2009
I visited your site and I like your style. Good luck!
Kalliope, 07.16.2009
still amaze me
Josephine to PKSAINI, 07.14.2009
Thank you very much! Good luck!
PKSAINI, 07.10.2009
It is amazing, perfect.Josephine, your work is out of this world!!! You make me wanna pick up my camera and start taking pics! Love it . It is really great feelings to view your photo. simply EXcellent
Garry Barker (comment from photo.net), 07.03.2009
Beautiful work! The detail and colours are gorgeous and every photo tells a story.
Josephine to Christine Amat , 06.21.2009
Thank you for comment! You have beautiful site and images!
Christine Amat, 06.18.2009
Jaime beaucoup votre travail...et votre regard... Bonne continuation Christine Amat http://www.abstractions.fr
Glauter Coelho (comment from photo.net), 06.13.2009
Your job is fantastique. Pure emotion and poetry. Thanks for share with us.
Josephine to Kalliope, 06.06.2009
Thank you very much!
Kalliope, 06.01.2009
the same style as a very good friend ... ( congratulation for pictures, postcards are exceptional, you are exceptional in the job you do) http://www.gordon.expresion.ro/ visit this website pls:) have a nice night
Eero (comment from smugmug.com), 05.30.2009
Now I can believe in the photography - again! Thank you for your awesome everlasting photo paintings!

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