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photo calibrate bar
Josephine to Karien, 04.10.2012
Karien, thank you very much and good luck!
Karien, 04.09.2012
Congratulations, great Website. Very nice design and exelent pictures . I like vintage mini bourbon and others whiskies. See you my Website. Best Regards from Chile Abelardo
Josephine to Alden Poetker, 04.03.2012
Thank you very much, Alden! My answer - in a letter.
Alden Poetker, 03.30.2012
Outstanding work Iryna! Thank you for the visual and heart pleasure. We would like to use one of your photographs on our exhibit screen we use for solar trade shows. Can we discuss this with you? Please let me know as soon as possible. Many thanks again, Alden
Josephine to Lise-Lotte, 02.18.2012
Dear Lise-Lotte, thank you very much! Im glad that you feel my aspiration to make our world more kind. Its really important to me. Good luck!
Lise-Lotte, 02.11.2012
Absolutely amazing and beautiful photos. I think that your work will contribute to making people understand that beauty comes from within, and that way we can give love and understanding. That will make a better world for ourselves and coming generations.
Josephine to Souljah, 02.10.2012
Thank you! You are very kind to me!
Souljah, 02.08.2012
A true indigo child! "...Always listen to your inner voice..." ...that is your soul speaking :) thank you!
Josephine to Biggi & Wolfgang, 01.26.2012
My dear friends, your words touched my soul! Thank you very much and I wish you the best!
Biggi & Wolfgang, 01.22.2012
The best images of this world ... do not hang in the museums ... but in the phantasie and minds ... of the creativ people! This is especially true for your work ! Regards ... Biggi + Wolfgang
Josephine to Jim, 01.20.2012
Dear Jim, thank you very much for your comment! I promise, I will.
Jim from USA, 01.11.2012
Absolutely incredible work. So original. Yes, the tension between Ideal and material world can lead to incredible expression. Please keep creating!!!! )
Josephine to André Gauthier, 01.06.2012
Dear André Gauthier, thank you very much for your kind words! I wish you to get into photography and photoshop a great success. Good luck and Happy New Year!
André Gauthier, 12.30.2011
Your talent is superb. I teach photoshop. You are also a great master with this software.
Gene Hawk (comment from photo.net), 11.09.2011
Your inner voice is calling into photography because you have a gift. Great portfolio.

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