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Jean-louis, 03.30.2009
Very beautiful photos etc ... but more importantly: At last someone with something to say!!!Merci, thank you!!!!!
William Hogg (comment from photo.net), 03.29.2009
What a magnificent body of work. I cannot find enough superlatives to describe your portfolio. Best wishes from Scotland.
José M. Torres (comment from photo.net), 03.23.2009
Sensitivity and quality of your images is maximum. It is a real pleasure to see the photos of the portfolio.
Josephine to Cecilia Perez, 03.16.2009
Dear Cecilia, thank you very much! I am glad that you like my images! Good luck!
Cecilia Perez, 03.14.2009
Hi Joss, Congratulations!!!I like and its a pleasure to see your photos. You have a great talent and I can learn from you a lot, thank you!!!
Josephine to Tim Somerset, 03.13.2009
Thank you for your comment!
Tim Somerset, 03.10.2009
hello just a small passage for you really congratulated on your work and the talent which you have funny for josephine hum… I know a little… but donot can say some to you more…. then continue well with always this same talent
Josephine to Lorinda Kruger, 03.07.2009
Lorinda, thank you very much! I will be glad to see you on my website again!
Lorinda Kruger, 03.06.2009
Thank you so much for sharing with us the way you experience and see this wonderful world of us. You bring hope to people who need to see the beauty of this world. Lorinda Kruger South Africa.
Angela Churchill (comment from smugmug.com), 03.05.2009
I have viewed your entire portfolio, and it is simply breathtaking. I look forward to viewing your work in the future.
Xenia Pérez (comment from photo.net), 03.03.2009
Amazing gallery, absolutely gorgeous!!
Emma Parra (comment from photo.net), 03.03.2009
A pleasure to senses. Wonderful and fantastic world.
Brie Mihai (comment from photo.net), 02.27.2009
wow josephine i love your portofolio so much. it is magic.
Michael Soskil - Newfoundland, PA (comment from photo.net), 02.27.2009
You are an absolute genius, and I am truly appreciative that I got the opportunity to browse your portfolio.
Josephine to Seyone Soma, 02.25.2009
Dear Seyone! Thank you very much for your warm words!

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