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Josephine to Doorna, 11.04.2011
Dear Doorna, thank you very much! I create my world because I want to share my feelings with other people. If you like my world, I am happy!
Doorna, 10.29.2011
I really enjoyed your photoes! They are great and each time I look at them I get goos bump all over! Good luck on great work....
Sergi Muntes (comment from photo.net), 10.09.2011
You really are an excellent artist! Congratulations!
CLIVE RAMSDEN (comment from photo.net), 09.25.2011
wow wonderful work, a lot of art, congratulations
Alice B (comment from photo.net), 09.15.2011
Amazing photos! Wonderful colors!
Art X (comment from photo.net), 07.03.2011
I have enjoyed your work over the last years and I hope there is a lot more to come over the comming year. Your work helps teach as much as it inspires.
vdbos (vdbos@mac.com)(comment from smugmug.com), 06.23.2011
This is photographic art. You have a new fan.
Josephine to abby rose winter, 04.21.2011
My dear friend, thank you very much for your warm words about my images! It is a pleasure to be compared to Max Ernst! Take care and good luck!
abby rose winter , 04.18.2011
Bonjour, Josephine! I hope you are fine, and I thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. I have never saw something so beautiful and intriguing. It reminds me Max Ernst, sometimes. Very rich. From Le Mans, France, I wish you the best, Josephine. Take care. Abby.
Josephine to Ronnie Ng, 04.15.2011
Thank you very much! I will think about Leica s2. Good luck!
Ronnie Ng, 04.12.2011
Great photos, maybe its time to upgrad to Leica s2 camera to see where it will take you. good luck and keep up the good work. Regards Ronnie Ng www.bestpractice.com.hk
Josephine to Scott Olsen, 04.01.2011
Thank you very much, Scott! I liked your lighthouses! Good luck!
Scott Olsen , 03.26.2011
Hello Josephine, I stumbled across your site and was very impressed. I am just getting back into photography and liked what you have done. Keep it up. Scott Olsen MyEyesphotography.com.
Josephine to Andreza, 02.08.2011
Dear Andreza, thank you very much! I will be glad to see you on my site again!
Andreza, 02.02.2011
Hi, Joss, my name is Andreza, I live in Brazil and I saw your pics in a brazilian site and it´s just wonderfull what you can do with a camera! I like the nature one... Congratulations hugs from Brazil Andreza

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