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Josephine to Gerald Taylor, 01.26.2011
Dear Gerald, thank you very much for kind words and your critique. I respect opinion of other people, because it helps to improve myself. Good luck!
Gerald Taylor (Yehudah Moiseivitch Telatnyakoff), 01.22.2011
Your work is ablolutely stunning. I love it. If my comment on your calendar shot seems a little harsh, it is only because you asked for a critique. The typical it is wonderful critique is useless. The only critique that is worth anything is one that actually criticizes.
Josephine to Belinda Joubert, 01.20.2011
Dear Belinda, thank you very much for your kind words! Good luck!
Belinda Joubert, 01.17.2011
Hello Josephine I LOVE your work, truly beautiful!! I have used one of your pics on my FB page that I got via e-mail on a presentation a long time ago. I did add your webpage and trust this is in order. We live in South Africa and took lovely pics (of Gods perfect creation) but only with a mobile LOL. You can visit my personal page as well as the Virtuous Living page on FB if you wish to view some amazing pics. Maybe you will be so inspired as to visit SA soon to take professional pics. God bless you and your work, have a phenomenal year. Loads of blessings, Belinda Joubert Author
George Gallant (comment from photo.net), 01.07.2011
You have a great talent. I love most all your photos.
Ferdinand von Prondzynski (comment from photo.net), 12.17.2010
What an absolutely stunning portfolio - your work is extraordinary.
Marianna Safronova (comment from photo.net), 11.03.2010
Flawless. Surreal. The best of what I look for in photography. Almost like an open door. Thank you for sharing a part of your world. Your unique stile is truly inspiring.
Josephine to elif, 11.03.2010
Thank you!
elif, 10.27.2010
it all is awesome!!! loves from Turkeyyyy *hugs* :)
Bench4Boof (bench4boof@gmail.com) (comment from smugmug.com), 10.18.2010
I am truly amazed! Your work is unbelievable! You show truth, heart and soul within each photo. You are truly a great photographer and artist. I cant imagine how much processing time you spend on each photo also. Thanks for sharing! You truly have defined your own artistry! You allow us to get lost in each story you tell! Oh, to have a thumbnail of talent you possess!
Anand Lakshmiratan (comment from photo.net), 10.04.2010
Your work is absolutely stunning. I can understand it if some people have issues with the fact that the photos may be heavily manipulated. But if that is what brings out the emotional quality of your subjects so well, you are doing it perfectly. Keep up the great work.
robert anderson (comment from photo.net), 09.20.2010
You obviously do this for a lot of enjoyment and not for money, because if you do it for money, no one could afford to pay what they are worth. This body of work is incredible.
Josephine to yogotox, 09.18.2010
Thank you!
yogotox, 09.11.2010
...great prints...
Tim Somerset, 08.25.2010
this is always a great pleasure of coming to see the work of Joséphine, an artist and photographer of great talent that j hope well to meet a day. Thank you for all these pretty reflections that l one has in our eyes has each visit of the site Tim Somerset. Barcelona Spain

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