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Vimal Parmar (comment from photo.net), 11.19.2005
I like your style. You seem to love soft pastel shades... Keep it up!!
Rafael Sangiovanni (comment from photo.net), 11.17.2005
Josephine, you have a very impressive portfolio, full of beautiful captures that I really like. Outstanding and keep on capturing the beauty around you for the joy of those like myself that enjoy your photographs.
Steve nicholson (comment from photo.net), 11.14.2005
Marvellous portfolio. Nearly all your photos containing water and trees have a magical quality about them. Very rest full and would make superb callendars.
ayse yalcin (comment from photo.net), 11.08.2005
Great portfolio ...I loved so much dear Josephine... Greetings from Turkey...
marc vezina (comment from photo.net), 11.03.2005
Josephine, what a pleasant surprise. Im not sure whats adequate to say now... Youve got your own pair of eyes - thats easy to see. I feel very comfortable here. Compliments for all your images.
birte ragland (comment from photo.net), 10.26.2005
Great portfolio, you have a wonderful eye for capturing the beauty of nature.
Uros Kricka (comment from photo.net), 10.23.2005
This is one amazing portfolio...simply beutiful...keep up the good work
Manoj Govindan (comment from photo.net), 10.15.2005
Beautiful portfolio. Very pleasing to the eye. Keep sharing. Thanks and Regards.
Will King (comment from photo.net), 10.08.2005
Josephine, Your portfolio is awesome. I want to get to your level one day. Great work.
Koos van der Merwe (comment from photo.net), 10.05.2005
Natural and very pleasing...I like what you see too.
Alec Ee (comment from photo.net), 10.01.2005
Josephine, a very nice portfolio of nicely exposed images. Enjoyed viewing.
Jacob Zellmer (comment from photo.net), 09.22.2005
dude this portfolio is off the hook!!! Great job. Keep it up!
Paduroiu Claudiu (comment from photo.net), 09.19.2005
Nice Gallery!!!
Michael Raddatz (comment from photo.net), 08.13.2005
Terrific eye. Classic work.
Mehmet Tüzün (comment from photo.net), 08.09.2005
Natur(al) images with quiet style. Good works.

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