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Vicki Passmore (comment from photo.net), 08.14.2010
Your work is stunning!! I was blown away with the emotions you capture in your photography. I have added you and some of your photos to my favorites and I will visit often to see more of our work!!!!
Josephine to Daniel R Tantono, 07.13.2010
Thank you very much!
Daniel R Tantono, 07.10.2010
I am very interest with your wonderful portfolio, masterpiece for new era digital artist, every frame tell story, give inspiration - regards
Eugene Carney, 06.12.2010
Alice is fantastic! Road of Disappointment is also fantastic. Together they equal life. I want more, more, more! Peace.
EckertExpressions (comment from smugmug.com), 06.08.2010
Absolutely love your work, and after browsing a few of your galleries I found myself transported to another realm. Thanks for sharing! Rob
Antonio F (comment from photo.net), 05.30.2010
Your imagines are painting. You are a great professional and wonderful photographer.
GungaJim Downs - Denver Area (comment from photo.net), 05.17.2010
Always nice to discover a talented photographer who has been around here for awhile, but whose work I havent seen before.
Josephine to alba, 04.25.2010
Thank you very much!
alba , 04.20.2010
Your excelent page have enjoyed my day. Thank to share your photos with us. Best luck albanandy from Montevideo, Uruguay.
Josephine to joanna, 04.15.2010
Thank you, Joanna, for your support. I am still want to change the world...
joanna, 04.12.2010
I admire your brave for your trying to capture the beautiful world. I want to do it, but I give up it to the society.
Josephine to Sonja Elisabeth Middelhuis, 04.10.2010
Dear Sonja, thank you very much for your comment. If I will have possibility I will visit your country with big pleasure. And I will be glad to see you on my page again. Have nice day and good luck!
Sonja Elisabeth Middelhuis, 04.06.2010
You are a true artist! I love your work! You are truly inspiering! I love to take pictures myself, and I am very interested in other artists work, so I have seen many pictures. Your pictures are truly the best I have seen and I love the colors you use. Do you give courses in Norway? =D Best regards Sonja =)
Tulay Besli (comment from photo.net), 03.25.2010
Josephine, you are a true artist, took every day world and sold it to me, putting joys of tears in my eyes. Again, you are an ARTIST! With all my respect.
Jim Tew (comment from photo.net), 03.23.2010
Your portfolio is full of remarkable photographs. Was a pleasure to look through them.

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