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photo calibrate bar
Robin Frakes (comment from smugmug.com), 03.15.2010
I love your work, its... inspiring - dramatic....intense... mysterious....and appreciated!
Josephine to jennie, 03.01.2010
Thank you very much! You are so kind to me!
jennie, 02.27.2010
Hi there!!! This the first time I am seeing your works... I am like mesmerized looking at them. You are simply amazing!!! May you continue touching our hearts through your masterpieces... Be blessed always
Josephine to Kenny, 02.24.2010
Thank you very much for your warm words!
Kenny, 02.18.2010
How are you doing Josephine, I have been in the art/photography field now for a 20+ years just wanted to tell you your work is outstanding.
Josephine to grace, 02.09.2010
Thank you very much!
grace, 02.07.2010
Congratulation, from my heart, thanks for all this beauty...form Uruguay...God bless you!!!
Jose Morales (comment from photo.net), 01.29.2010
Josephine, I have been impressed by your portfolio. The idea of a better world is closely watching your pictures. Hopefully your work is one of the best in photo.net. I envy your art.
LindaDruijff (comment from smugmug.com), 01.12.2010
Josephine, your images are beauty beyond belief! What a magical world you have created, each photo yet another treat! You are a very gifted artist, a true inspiration!
Josephine to henry mindlin, 01.10.2010
Thank you, Henry! If you want to purchase my photos please visit to my mapket place: http://jossphoto.smugmug.com/
henry mindlin , 01.08.2010
Your photos are outstanding, the one I like the most is yellow fish around a turtle, how do I download this to my computer,thanks.
Josephine to alexgenar, 01.04.2010
Thank you very much for your warm words!
alexgenar, 01.02.2010
Hi Josephine! I am from Greece. Your work is incredible and amazing!!!!! Thank you verrrrry much!!!
Josephine to Marius Brad, 01.01.2010
Happy New Year! And good luck!
Marius Brad , 12.31.2009
Happy New Year!

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