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photo calibrate bar
David L. Forney (comment from photo.net), 12.25.2009
Thank you for posting your beautiful work here for us to see. You are by any standard an artist of high caliber. Your images are exquisite. I look forward to seeing more.
Frank G. Heron (comment from photo.net), 12.12.2009
Your entire portfolio is a collection of masterful and beautiful photos. Thank you for the inspiration.
ericseyes (comment from smugmug.com), 12.02.2009
Interesting gallery, amazing subjects and awesome settings and backgrounds. You are a master at your craft.
Crimson Lens (comment from smugmug.com), 12.02.2009
Fantastic images. Your work is amazing. The Gallery contains some absolutely magical scenes. Brilliantly conceived and inspiring. Very well done.
Craig Lofgreen (comment from photo.net), 11.27.2009
I have been a casual browser of Photo.net for a long time and a lover of photography for much longer but until now I have never done more than look. But today I had to comment. I have been drawn to your portfolio time and time again. Never have I seen such a beautiful and creatively inspiring collection of works of art as I find here. Absolutely incredible images and I thank you for sharing them with the world.
Daniel Perez (comment from photo.net), 11.11.2009
One of the things I enjoy most about your photography is your creativity... How you are able to take an idea and materialize it through photography and digital processing...
Antonio Taylor (comment from photo.net), 11.07.2009
These are some of the most haunting images I have seen. I showed them to my grandchildren and they looked at them for over an hour without saying anything other than wow grandpa those are beautiful. Anything that stimulates the imagination of a child is a good thing.
Josephine to ebrahim, 10.30.2009
Thank you very much for your comment. You are too kind to me. Good luck!
ebrahim, 10.28.2009
GOD created you so beautiful. You made your mind beautiful. So your photos are very beautiful. Thus You remember me GOD...
Josephine to Abiyasa Adiguna Legawa, 10.26.2009
Thank you very much for your kind words about my images. Yes, Photoshop is basic application for photos processing.
Abiyasa Adiguna Legawa, 10.23.2009
Hi josephine! I am from Indonesia and I just saw some of your photos at photo.net and they are AMAZING! And amazing layout as well. I wonder with what application you edited them? Photoshop?
Josephine to Josephine Irene Gulling, 10.21.2009
Thank you very much for your comment. Be happy and good luck!
Josephine Irene Gulling , 10.18.2009
Your work is nice. I came across it looking up me when I was just sitting at home learning how to work my new Laptop. I am divorced, live in the actic of a friends home, but some day I will have a nice home again and I will try to buy one or more of your work to complament my walls. I do not spell good and was in special ed classes but I still spell good...
David Mackenzie (comment from photo.net), 10.13.2009
Incredible body of work....the creativity of thought and quality of the execution is overwhelming. I think I will just go sell my cameras now...
Josephine to António Marques, 10.08.2009
Thank you very much! Good luck!

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