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Ordering the "Active Volcano Screensaver"
Active Volcano Screensaver version 1.3
price: 19 USD
Buy Active Volcano Screensaver Now - It's Fast, Easy, and Secure. We sell our software only via well-known e-commerce service providers. You may choose any of these providers on your personal preferences. Credit card transactions will be handled by selected e-commerce service provider. Each of these services guarantees that your credit card information is safe from interception and alteration.
Please order via:
PayPal and Credit Cards:
E-commerce service provider accepts PayPal, VISA,MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club credit cards.
Online Security:
The order process is secured via industry standard SSL3 encryption. This means that all sensitive information is encrypted with strong encryption methods.
The credit card processing is automated via a real-time verification system, so your order is processed immediately. Registration key will be sent to you after we will receive the information from e-commerce service provider about your payment.
Registration benefits:
  • No nag-screens
  • No time limit
  • Technical support via e-mail
  • Free upgrade to new version
  • Products notification by e-mail
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